Replication Machines, Territorial Markers and Preliminary Drawings | Mark Porter

August 2-13, 2010
Reception, Friday August 6, 7-9pm
Gallery hours by appointment.

Spoke presents Replication Machines, Territorial Markers and Preliminary Drawings, an exhibition of recent kinetic sculptures and mixed media drawings by Chicago based visual artist Mark Porter.

Through the fusion of found and custom made objects, Porter creates mechanical prototypes which mimic human and animal behavior as well as natural phenomenon. Emphasizing the quality of hand-made object, Porter's sculptures serve as performative prototypes, which embrace experimentation and the relationship between inventor and invention, as well as invention and user.

For more information, or to make an appointment please email Spoke or markwilliamporter (at) yahoo (dot) com

All works in the exhibit were created with funding generously provided by The Illinois Arts Council, Foundation for Contemporary Arts, and City of Chicago.

If Nature Could Talk | Grant W. Ray

Exhibition:  July 23-25
Opening Reception:  July 23, 6-9pm
Open Hours:  July 25, 10-6pm

If Nature Could Talk is an interactive event that explores the uncanny relationship between art, science, and nature. Based on the investigation of Human/Nature dynamics through marks, traces and symbols of pseudo- scientific experiments, the work suggests what nature might be thinking and feeling in an evidentiary context. Chicago based artist, Grant W. Ray has photographed these strange attempts at communicating with nature. He will be presenting this historic archive and five extraordinary inventions for two nights only at Spoke Gallery. Participants will be invited to interact with ordinary objects that have extraordinary functions such as, “Ronald Johnson’s Talking Plants,” which reportedly translates the thoughts of domesticated houseplants into a language you can understand.

Closing and Prizes | So, You Think You Can Paint?

Below is the list (in no particular order) of excepted artists in to the So You Think You Can Paint? The Chicago Edition.  Our Judging panel was pleased with much of the work, and the So, You Think You Can Paint? video will be playing at the reception.
Congratulations!  Thank you for participating and I hope to see you all at the reception Friday night from 6pm to 9pm, with Prizes awarded at 8:00pm!
Vincent Kral
Claudia Smalley
Matthew Schlagbuam
Christine Parisi
Vernetta Edwards
Steve Ruiz
Steven Frost
Jui Desai
Lauren La Rose
Margaret Clay
Betsy Zacsek
Michael Reynolds
Mike Lenkwoski
Rex Flodstrom
Allen Vandever
Kristina Gosh

CALL FOR ENTRIES: So You Think You Can Paint...

Call for entries/ Drop off dates:

SUNDAY, July 11
MONDAY, July 12
TUESDAY, July 13

Exhibition dates:
FRIDAY, July 16

Closing Reception/ Awards Ceremony:
FRIDAY, July 16
Pick Up Entries:
FRIDAY, July 16 After 9pm
SATURDAY, July 17 10am -Noon

So, You Think You Can Paint? is at once a project to take the anthropological pulse of the city of Chicago where artists, hobbyists, enthusiasts, professionals, and naysayers have a leveled playing field to exhibit their work; and second an irreverent look at the competitive framework network television promotes. The entire project is a timely reinterpretation of the reality judging show So You Think You Can Dance (Fox July 20, 2005 – present mixed with a dash of Art Star (Gallery HD June 1, 2006 – July 19, 2006)  and a pinch of Work of Art (Bravo 2010 - present).  Just like those unscripted displays of genius, hidden talent, and atrocity on television, what happens next is entirely up to the participants with paintings, the judges, the camera...and only at Spoke can you be involved.

Anyone can bring in up to three paintings - any subject, size, or format accepted.
Fill out an entry form (download now, or pick up a copy at Spoke).
A panel of guest judges will critique your work, the entire event will be filmed, and the best will be hung in the show.
Award winners will have the opportunity to have the work travel to compete in “So You Think You Can Paint? Tampa Bay Season Two!”
Pick up work at designated times.

119 N Peoria #3D
Chicago, Il 60607

Vincent Kral

Never painted before?
Order painting supplies online from or call toll free at (888) 240-6173