Call for Schubertiad

Dear musicians/artists/performers,
We invite you to a Schubertiad at Spoke.
Sunday October 4th

119 N Peoria 3D

Please invite your friends.

Traditionally, The Schubertiad was an evening of performances amongst friends of Schubert, where guests performed.
Let us imagine a contemporary Schubertiad. An invitation to make musical performances together, to try out a collaboration, or meld the musical practices with those of a Social Art Space.
We hope to see proposals for experimentation, and an imaginative tribute to the tradition, interpreted in a variety of forms.

To be considered:

Include your contact information along with a brief written description* of your plan (or statement) in the body of an email addressed to Spoke SpokeChicago(at)

musicians/artists/performers are invited to visit the space and meet each other and bring props or equipment on
Saturday, October 3rd from noon to 6pm. We will hold one performance on Sunday October 4th at 3:30, and a possible encore or additional performances through the week. The Schubertiad will be videotaped as documentation of our work, and distributed for a small donation. If any special considerations are needed (and we hope there are) we will try to assist.

*musicians/artists/performers are asked to submit a title and short description for our records. However, as this format is more of a collaborative experimental event to be held in the presence of peers; strict adherence, rigid rehearsals, and previous performances, musical or visual are not necessary.

Objet Petit A : conclusion and thankyou

For those of you who couldn't make it to our fund raiser and want to give, and those who still need to pay for your winning bid; you may use our paypal Donate button on the right column.... It's yellow, under the heading Support our Mission.

A note from Matt & Dayton (curators):

Thank you for helping make Objet Petit A a smashing success-- we couldn't have done it without you! As you know, the artists involved in our show generously gave their time and artworks to help raise money for Spoke and for Chicago Rarities Orchard Project. Together we raised nearly $300 and we had a lot of fun doing it!

The winning bids are listed below:

Justin Cooper bought the Ben Fain for $45.00
Emily and Brenna Quinn bought the Harriet Salmon for $37.50
Brian Kirkbride bought the Astri Swendsrud for $25.00
Destiny Sinacola bought the Jose Lerma and Cristina Tufino for $35.00
Adam Fung bought the Michael Jones McKean for $55.00
Roz Matthews bought the Abby Christensen and Emily Vanhoff for $50.00
Dave Snyder bought the Tomas Moreno for $35.00

Thanks Again! from Spoke