The Future

What’s happening at SPOKE?

July 1-July 31
Project Resident: Marissa Perel

@ Outerspace Studio
1474 N. Milwaukee Ave. 3rd Flr.
7-9 PM $4
Red Rover Reading Event #48: Magnetic Affinites and Altered Relations
Performance and video works by: Oliverio Rodriguez and Marissa Perel, Zihan Loo and Jai Arun Ravine (from San Franciso)
Guest curated by Marissa Perel
Hosted by Jennifer Karmin

March 1- March 31
Project Resident: Vincent Gaulin
A slow play by G. Vincent Gaulin

PUBLIC RECEPTION Saturday, March 26, 6pm - 8:30pm

For more information, follow the daily media feed on Spoke's blog ( under Project Resident Blog.

April 3 - April 24
Judith Brotman

Spoke opens its front space to be used as a studio for Judith Brotman. Brotman will be working on a pre-installation plan for her upcoming exhibition at DeVos Art Museum called Loose Connections. Please visit her website at

April 27
Erin Turlow

The IPhone Monologues-Part I:
The Prison Planet/ Hard Drives (a work in progress)

Erin Thurlow will be the Artist in Residence at Three Walls for the month of April. He will be hosting a one night performance at Spoke

April 28 - May 31
Project Resident: Christopher Tourre
Public Brewery

Public Brewery will unite the general public of Chicago with urban foragers, community gardens, and local food experts to create a temporary and experimental brewery inside of Spoke's Residency Project Space. Throughout the length of the project, members of the community will contribute ideas, stories, materials and local ingredients to create beers and sodas inside the brewery. Weekly workshops will also be open to the public throughout the length of the residency teaching beer and soda-making techniques. As the residency builds, so will the brewery, the accumulation of ingredients/equipment, and most importantly, stories. The final exhibition will display the development and accumulation of artifacts, materials, documentation and research within the brewery, as well as a tasting of all drinks made throughout the term of the project. Details of events soon to come.

Christopher Tourre was born in the countryside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1982. He graduated from the Pennsylvania State University in 2005 and went on to study at the University of Illinois ay Chicago, earning a graduate degree in studio arts in 2009.

Over the past three years his practice has transformed from a sculptor and video-maker to, as he describes it, a social aggregator. Some of his most recent projects involved raising chickens in the Chicago neighborhood of Pilsen and delivering the harvested eggs to local residents. In 2010, he and his studio Unit 2, created a public workspace at the MCA Chicago, which centered on conversations, designs, and construction of furniture pieces made from left-over scraps of demolished Chicago houses. In 2010, he also began the Artisan Beer Series, a project aimed at entwining communities, stories, personal narratives, and education through the creation and distribution of beer and soda-making.

Tourre often finds alternative outlets to display his work, but has been featured in various spaces in Pittsburgh and Chicago including Pittsburgh Film Kitchen, Gallery 400, Eel Space, and the Museum of Contemporary Art. He lives and works in Chicago, Illinois.