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Thank you to everyone who came out to the opening on Saturday! I had many great conversations with visitors about the show, and appreciate the attendance.

Oli and I showed projection and video on monitor, prints of video stills, a book of our texts and performance:

The show is up through Sunday July 31st. To make an appointment call 312-593-8691.


Marissa's Performance Column on the Art21 Blog launched today!

Although I wanted to show artistic practice as multi-faceted, I didn't know just how multi that multi-faceted would be in the month of July!

Today is the inaugural post of what will be my regular column on the Art21 Blog. Oh, the hours finding a concise way to describe what's going to happen, hyper-linking and trying to find the right image of Mick Jagger!

What a busy week, with Jai Arun Ravine in town for our performance on Saturday. Moving in the Spoke studio with Jai and Oli, finding a language for the things our bodies want.

Last night, Oli and I sat editing video into the wee hours, watching the sun fade into the dusk-scape of the West Loop.

Looking forward to Tomorrow Night! Wow!


This Saturday, July 16th from 7-9 PM at Outerspace Studio 1474 N. Milwaukee 3rd Flr.

Red Rover Series, Event #48: "Magnetic Affinities and Altered Relations," an evening of performance and video by San Francisco-based artist Jai Arun Ravine, Zihan Loo and myself in collaboration with Oli Rodriguez.

I have been generously asked to curate the evening by hosts of Red Rover, Jennifer Karmin and Laura Goldstein, who have been running this series described as "readings that play with reading" for at least a decade.

This event has a selection of queer-fierce-reflexive film & video makers and performance artists coming together to screen, move and talk about sex, death, cultural inheritance and dislocation.

I am very pleased with the success of the Reading Circle that took place on Sunday July 10th from 2-4 PM at Spoke. I was joined by co-conspirator, R.E.H. Gordon, Tola Brennan, Holly Murkerson, Daniel Quiles, Catherine Pancake, Jane Jerardi, Anthony Romero, Michael Fleming, Zihan Loo and Nicholas Cueva to discuss Being Watched: Yvonne Rainer and the 1960's by Carrie Lambert-Beatty.

It was a lively discussion as we explored the connections between dance and visual art in Minimalism and the Judson Dance Movement. We talked at length about points as they were relevant to Rainer and are to us now, such as the audience-performer relationship, the influence of media and pop culture, presence, war, gender identity, and sculpture, photography and sound art that were being made in conjunction with Rainer's work.

April 23, 2011

News and Thanks:

Just got confirmation that Public Brewery will be supplied with honey from Donna Oppolo of the PIlsen Beekeeper's Association. We will make a Pilsen Beekeeper's Honey Ale with this honey at the second workshop on May 7th. 

I am also very excited to have members of the Chicago Rarities Orchard Project (CROP) on board.  They have generously offered to contribute crabapple blossom syrup to the soda-making workshop on May 21st (12-3 pm).

Finally, I am pleased to have on board, Greg Fischer, owner and operator of BevArt and Wild Blossom Meadery.  Greg has offered to cover some of the grain costs for the beers we will make throughout the month.

April 20, 2011

Golden Beet Ale - Brewed April 20th, 2011

This Golden Beet Ale was inspired by a dinner party I hosted about 2 weeks ago. One of the dishes was a vegetable quinoa. The color, aroma and subtlety of the golden beets was so pleasing, I wanted to recreate the experience in a beer. For this experimental batch, I decided to keep the colorization of the beer from the grains relatively light. I wanted to try to allow the minimal yellowing, that the beets would create, to come through as much as possible.

While researching this beer, I had found others that had actually used quinoa in a beer. They needed to malt the quinoa themselves. Malting requires adding water to the grain and allowing it to germinate slightly, then quickly drying it. This develops enzymes required to modify the grain's starches into sugars. I think quinoa would be a fantastic community beer to develop at Spoke.

Who is in? Email me your ideas for adjuncts (flavors) that we could add to a quinoa beer. Even better...bring some ingredients to one of the Workshops or Open Studios at Spoke throughout the month of May!

First workshop will be April 30th, 3-8 pm at spoke.  Click here for more information


March 12, 2011


I was thinking about us being more like family. I was thinking it might help to figure all the possible ways of us saying this to each other as fast as we can:

Can’t see good,
So poor eyesight
Smells in the round
Which supplies the round part of “realness”

But it’s always outside on my tongue
Before I get to choose
Like breathing

So judgment tends to spit
Moves like backing out
Or slowly
Like instant stops

Making bigger nerves
Taken in mouthfuls
Like sculptures
And refrigerator doors
Crunched up into more differences

Like Ideals, or projects
(Things normally looked at,
And noted on for criticism)
In the snout-in-my-face

Forever passionate,