UPDATE: WORK IN THE WOODS, Project Residency


Appointments available March 27 - 30

Hello Friends:

Contrary to earlier publicity, there will be no separate invitations going out for private viewing before the public reception. I’m taking all the time between now and March 26 to “set the stage” for DISCIPLINE’s BEARbrand concept presentation. The reception itself will act as an invitation to a more private collaborative viewing. My priority is building real relationships between viewers and characters, which is the central notion behind the “slow play” format. Get to know DISCIPLINE in the real time processes of BEARbrand-ing!

For friends who are unable to attend the public reception, consider this your invitation to a private viewing. Private viewings will take place by appointment, March 27 – 30. You may make appointments at the reception or by contacting me directly. Email at gvg.hinge@gmail.com or telephone (864) 247.8207.

Looking forward to performing for you.

With enduring esteem,

G. Vincent Gaulin

Spoke Project Resident

Writing as SCARCITY