Spoke: A Collective Studio Practice

October 16, 2010 - October 31, 2010
Open House and Reception: Thursday, October 28th, 6-9pm
October 28 -31, open by appointment (spokechicago@gmail.com)

As our group of artists grow and we expand our studio space at Spoke, we have decided to use the old Surrealist game of "The Exquisite Corpse" as a tool to get to know one another better as artists. We all have to work within the same space and thus see this collaborative artwork exploring, in a physical way, the power of our collective "studio mind".

This project reveals a "behind the scenes" look at the working process by a group of artists. This unique collaborative effort reflects and questions the collaboration of interdisciplinary artists who usually work alone. This project also examines how group dynamics affect the creative process and explores how individuals relate and respond to the process of collaboration and group work.

Using a set of guidelines, a collective artwork will be made describing the shared atmosphere of the studio and exhibition/project spaces that are Spoke. Each artist will have two opportunities to install, interact and respond to the collective artwork over a two week span of time. Seeing the project as a weaving of practices and a material conversation, all the artists will come together after the first week to discuss and reflect on the project thus far before resuming for the second week.

List of artists, their working schedules, and open hours: 

Saturday, October 16, Jeroen Nelemans, 12-5pm
Sunday, October 17, Heather Mullins, no open hours
Monday, October 18, Deirdre Colgan, no open hours
Tuesday, October 19, Kristin Mariani, 12-5pm
Wednesday, October 20, Rana Siegel, 5-8pm
Thursday, October 21, Jean Alexander Frater, 1-7pm
Friday, October 22, Closed for group discussion
Saturday, October 23, Jeroen Nelemans, 12-5pm, Deirdre Colgan, 5-8pm
Sunday, October 24, Kristin Mariani, no open hours
Monday, October 25, Heather Mullins, 12-5pm
Tuesday, October 26, Rana Siegel, 5-8pm
Wednesday, October 27, Jean Alexander Frater, 1-7pm 

Spoke: A Collective Studio Practice is part of Chicago Artists Month 2010, the fifteenth annual cerebration of Chicago's vibrant visual art community coordinated by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs. For more information, visit www.chicagoartistsmonth.org