Push The Envelope | Rachel Moore

April 23, 2010 – May 14, 2010
Preview April 23rd 20:30 
April 24th-25th, May 8th- 9th
18:30-21:30 (Thessaloniki)
10:30a.m. - 1:30p.m. (Chicago)
May 11th 20:30 
Contact Information

Typou 5, 54622 
Thessaloniki, Greece
Τu.-Sa. 11:00-15:00 και 18:00-21:00


Push the Envelope is an art product and public program enabling dialogue between artists in Chicago, Thessaloniki, and Athens. The participating artists were selected after an open call by an international jury.
Over the span of three weeks DYNAMO project-space in Thessaloniki, Greece and Spoke in Chicago, U.S.A. will host the commencement of dialogue between selected artists. The conversation will spring from an open, collaborative process and will be used to identify topics relevant to the group. Invited curators, artists, and historians will lead discussions during weekends for the duration of the DYNAMO exhibition.
Initially, artists will display past work at DYNAMO  (preview: April 23rd 20:30), while an exchange of knowledge, ideas, and influences will spur each artist to create new work in response to discussion, as they each contend with where they situate themselves politically in contemporary culture and within their historical past. The exhibition space will reflect the organic nature of conversation, continually evolving and displaying evidence of discussions along side with both past and newly created work. The process will be evident, presented at DYNAMO just before the end of the exhibition (opening: May 11th 20:30).

Project Organizer
Rachel Moore
Artist Participants
Lena Athanasopoulou
Kim DeBord & Rachel Moore
Monica Herrera
Georgia Kotretsos
Areti Leopoulou & Theofanis Nouskas
Dimitris Michalaros
Jeroen Nelemans
Shannon Schmidt
Briana Schweizer
Hui-min Tsen
Chryse Tsiota
Vasilis Zografos
Guest Participants
Stephanie Bertrand
Ellen Rothenberg
Syrago Tsiara
Shannon Stratton

This project is made possible with support to Rachel Moore (project organizer), from the Fulbright Foundation in Greece.