Studio Visit with Kristin Mariani Frieman

Come see the work in progress, have some coffee, and chat with our resident artist and designer...

Open Studio Hours
Monday-Saturday, closed Wednesday

Closing Event
Saturday, November 21st

Collective Cross Hatch Project:  

To participate, come any time during open studio hours.

You're invited to come and create a stitched cross-hatch drawing to build a collaborative gradation study.  Think pencil cross-hatch, but with needle and thread.

Choosing two tones from her collection of over 20 spools of gray thread, the objective is to stitch two tones together until they read as one. 
Your study will be labeled and placed according to its value in the expanding grid on the wall.  Kristin will provide you with muslin, needle, and embroidery hoop. The exercise will take about 30 minutes to complete.

This Collective Cross Hatch Project will be part of Kristin's final installation at Spoke, viewed in its entirety at the closing event on Saturday, November 21st.

(see sample photo top right)