Pencils2Pixels: Design Show

drawing, photography, print, video,
animation, handmade books + a paper snake

October 16 – 31, 2009  

Closing Reception: Friday, October 30, 5-9pm
Hours: Saturdays 11a.m.‐5p.m. or by appointment

This multimedia extravaganza exhibits a wide range of works from Westwood College’s Design Department. From the curious first stages to the refined final product, the show features drawings, photography, print, video, animation, and handmade objects. The clean lines of digital technology meet the textures of fine art processes to formalize commercial and personal concepts.
Come see what our best have been up to!

Hosted by Westwood College, Loop Campus, Organized by the Design Faculty.  With Special Thanks to Ryan Swanson, Dillon Rasmussen, and Brian Olson for making this happen.