Performance by Juliana Pivato

Saturday, March 21st, 11-5pm

Coinciding with Binford Experience's exhibition and installation, Juliana Pivato will perform live a 6 hour repeated-song:

Comfort Songs: 6 hours, 3 verses, 1 chorus.

Song List: Company, Rickie Lee Jones; I Fall to Pieces, Patsy Cline; Goodbye to Love, Karen Carpenter, Don’t Worry ‘bout Me, Ella Fitzgerald, etc.

Comfort Songs is an ongoing elaboration on the performer-audience relationship. For the work, Pivato uses specific power ballads as a technologies of transformation. Through repetition, visceral transmission in song becomes flattened out, stabilized, diluted into background. Singing a cappella, real-time vulnerability enables her to situate herself with the viewer in the rupture that ultimately materializes between expectation and experience.


Juliana Pivato is currently completing an MFA in Sculpture at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Juliana works in a variety of media including live performance, bronze casting, drawing and sound. Since 2008 she has been hosting a weekly radio show on entitled Songs from the Loop.