October 23, 2008

"What is your ideal space?"

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008


We will open Thursday with our first event, an open forum asking, "What is your ideal space?"

With refreshments and conversation you'll be asked to write your comments on paper pinned to the walls. This will be used to wallpaper our space, transforming dialogue into form and serving as a document of our first invitation for conversation.

A new space by Monica Herrera, Rachel Moore, Heather Mullins, and Rana Siegel.


at the intersection of ideas, dialogue and change

Situated in Chicago’s West Loop gallery district, Spoke is a small collaborative enterprise interested in maintaining a spirit of resourcefulness, experimentation, access rather than exclusion, and interaction. We are dedicated to providing opportunities for creative individuals and groups to produce unique and innovative projects, events, performances, workshops, exhibitions and creative endeavors of all kinds.

As we excitedly begin our inaugural year, Spoke invites you to submit your creative proposals!
Proposals are encouraged to be experimental and range in genre and length of time (1 day/night to 1 month, weekly or bi-weekly).

Entry Deadline: January 15, 2009 (receipt of all application materials)

Exhibition/Event Dates: Between February and August 2009

Notification: Applicants will be notified by Feb. 1st

Entry Fee: $5.00 cash donation *all donations directly support Spoke’s programming

Selection Process: Applicants will be selected by the 4 founders of Spoke. Once accepted, the artists will meet to determine scheduling needs.

Contact: Please direct all questions to spokechicago@gmail.com.

Application Instructions:
Please include the following in your application packet. We suggest you either visit the space or view it online (www.SpokeChicago.blogspot.com) before you submit your proposal. Also, please see terms for participants to better understand the needs and ideas of the space during events/exhibitions.

1. Application form/cover sheet
2. Personal/artist statement (max. 1 page)
3. Short proposal of suggested event, project or exhibition (max. 1 page)
4. Current résumé
5. 10-15 examples of work including images and/or 3-5 minute audio/video or web-based projects. All images should be put into a powerpoint labeled with your name. Each image/project should include its title, date, description and other important information including websites or blogs.
*Please include your name and contact information on each form.

Please send all entries by January 15, 2009 to: Spoke
119 N. Peoria #3D
Chicago, IL 60607

Spoke terms for participants

1. Spoke will provide:
a. A highly trafficked space
b. Staff during open hours
c. Electronic mailings & announcements
d. Printed posters for the event
e. Basic tools for installing

2. Participants are responsible for:
a. Any printed materials, other than posters, if desired (postcards, etc.)
b. Refreshments for events and openings
c. Insurance (Spoke does not provide insurance for objects or individuals in the space and is not responsible for loss or damage)
d. Space maintenance (Participant must return the space to its original condition: repairing holes, repainting, etc.)
e. Design/Limited Edition*

*Spoke will not take any percentage of participants’ work sold in the gallery. In exchange, to help offset the cost of the space, we ask that each participant either 1) create a design for the exhibition/event to donate to Spoke that will then be used to produce a limited edition of objects based on reuse or 2) the artist will work with us to create an edition of hand made objects. This limited edition will be for sale to support the space. Each artist and member of Spoke will receive one of these items free of charge.

In addition, there will be events held in the space during the exhibitions (such as meetings, dinners, conversations, and readings). Each person(s) that use the space will need to work with Spoke to ensure that there will be space for these events to take place. Participants will be notified prior to each event.

Spoke entry application form & cover sheet

Please print clearly!

Name/s: ________________________________________________________________

Street Address: ___________________________________________________________


Telephone: ______________________________________________________________

E-mail Address: ___________________________________________________________

Web Site/s: ______________________________________________________________

__ Application form/cover sheet
__ $5 cash donation**
__ 10-15 examples & descriptions of work or 3-5 audio/video clips in Powerpoint format
__ Personal/artist statement (max. 1 page)
__ Short proposal of suggested event, project or exhibition (max. 1 page)
__ Current résumé

*Please include your name and contact information on each form.
**All donations directly support Spoke’s programming